Amazon Streaming Movies

The only way to find the best online streaming movie sites on the Internet is to take an in-depth look at each one of them. We analyze streaming movie providers and write reviews of their streaming movie services. For more information about our review and rating measurements, go here. Today, we are taking a look at the streaming movie service.

Amazon Streaming Movies

Amazon Streaming Movies

Amazon Instant Video is an online subscription-based on demand video service from Amazon Instant Video offers subscribers a choice of over 100,000 streaming movies and TV shows to rent or buy. In addition, the provider streams a catalog of thousands of movies and TV shows that are available to Amazon Prime members for free.

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Anyone can rent or buy Amazon Streaming Movies directly from the website. Would be purchasers just browse selections through Amazon Instant Video. New releases start from $1.99 to $2.99 to rent and users have a thirty day window to watch the movie. And, once the streaming movie is started, a 24 to 48 hour window to finish watching. Also, you have the opportunity to buy digital copies of streaming movies and TV shows from Amazon. These cost anywhere from $4.99 for some titles up to $14.99 for new releases.

The best feature of Amazon Instant Video is the extra benefits offered to Amazon Prime members. With a $79 yearly membership, Amazon Prime members enjoy thousands of free instant streaming movies and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video. Members of Amazon Prime also receive free two-day shipping on all products and access to a huge library of over 50,000 free books through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Amazon Prime membership offers compelling advantages to users of Amazon Streaming Movies and positively influences our review of the Amazon Instant Video service.

Amazon Instant Video Affordability: ★★★★★ 

The Amazon Instant Video service contains over 100,000 movies and TV shows that you can rent or buy, including the newest movie releases and TV episodes the day after airing. Members of Amazon Prime get free access to thousands of instant streaming movies and TV shows. Today, there are over 13,000 free streaming movies and TV shows to choose from and more titles are added daily to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Amazon Instant Video Selection: ★★★★½ 

If you want to watch instant streaming videos with Amazon, all you need is a compatible HDTV or Blu-ray player, PC, or MAC. If you use a set-top box, you need to check its compatibility. Roku devices work well with all Amazon Streaming Media. Tivo devices play Amazon Instant Videos, but do not support streaming Prime Instant Videos. With a Kindle Fire, the newest streaming movies and TV shows are available to stream, download, purchase, or rent. Amazon Streaming Movies are compatible with Xbox, but not Wii or PS3 at this time. You can stream up to 2 videos at the same time to different devices using the same account.

Amazon Instant Video Number of Streaming Devices: ★★★½☆ 

Amazon Instant Video doesn’t force commercials or advertisements on viewers. You can instantly watch any of the streaming movies offered through your subscription to Amazon Prime an unlimited amount of times with no commercial interruptions.

Amazon Instant Video Lack of Interruptions: ★★★★★ 

Members will often see two options how to watch streaming movies and TV shows with Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant Video. Streaming movies are instant and streamed very fast through the powerful Amazon network, but you must be connected to the Internet. You can stream to PCs, MACs, Kindle Fire, HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes. Prime Instant Videos are only available for streaming and can’t be downloaded. Downloading movies and TV shows is best when you want to watch on your Kindle Fire or laptop and you know in advance an Internet connection is not going to be available.

Amazon Instant Speed: ★★★★★ is one of the dominant players on the Internet and has the infrastructure in place to be a major player in the streaming movie business. Not only do streaming movies complement Amazon’s business, they enhance it in many ways. Just think about all the TVs, devices, movies, books, game consoles, and computers that can be sold or advertised to consumers while they are searching for streaming movies or TV shows to watch. With Amazon Prime, the company is offering, not only free shipping on merchandise and free e-books, but a trial of their streaming movies services. These very reasonably priced memberships that offer users a taste of Amazon Instant Video, giving Amazon a distinct competitive advantage over rivals in the streaming movie business.

Amazon Instant Video Overall Score: ★★★★½ 

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